Mystic Horse Essences & Vibrational Blends

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Flower essences represent the subtle energy of the plant – its “blueprint.” To date, research has not determined exactly why and how they work, but some recent studies indicate that similar to homeopathy, flower essences interact with the body’s electrical system, giving it subtle cues to correct or balance itself. The Bach Flower Essences are the most widely known and their discovery is attributed to Dr. Edward Bach of England.

Our blends offer a mixture of flower and mineral essences designed to work on the subtle levels of our minds and our animal’s minds to help match frequencies and increase understanding. Vibrational blends are safe to use on all animals and their people. For best results it is important to apply at least 1-2 times a day for at least 2 weeks. Repeated and rhythmic use over time deepens the affect and assists in long-term changes for the animal or person. The essence can be safely used for as long as needed and discontinued when the desired changes are noted and the animal’s improved behavior has become consistent. Thereafter you can use these blends when needed for stressful situations or when changes occur. The more frequently they are given the faster the response will be. These water-based essences can be sprayed, applied topically or taken under the tongue or in water. With animals, it is best applied in water, sprayed or syringed orally in to the mouth.

All of the vibrational blends offered here were researched and developed exclusively by Mary Ann Simonds.Natural Vibration Stress Blends

Natural Vibrations Flower Essences are designed to be used alone or in combination with each other. Natural Vibrations’ blends of flower and mineral essences are based on hundreds of case studies and combine essences that have successfully helped the most common issues horses and riders face. Each remedy has 20 – 40 different essences that work synergistically on the mental and emotional attitudes that cause undesirable behavior.