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Providing safe, non-drug behavioral modification formulas for emotional and mental balance in animals for almost 20 years.  

Developed by researcher and equine behavioral ecologist Mary Ann Simonds, our stress management and performance support products gently assist both wild and domestic animals with the stress of living in domestic environments. Our products, including magnetic therapy and vibrational (flower/mineral) essences, are based on years of research conducted on thousands of wild and domestic horses. Mary Ann presented and published her research at the 20th Proceedings of the Association of Equine Sports Medicine National Meeting (September 2000, Rutgers University) on “Emotional and Mental Stress Management Using Non-Drug Remedies for the Performance Horse”.

Growing up on the West Coast showing jumpers, Mary Ann observed many horses with ulcers, poor feet, cribbing, and other stress induced problems resulting from confinement, lack of social bonds, separation anxiety, and other domestic factors. Mary Ann’s concern became her life-long passion and she researched and developed a line of non-drug vibrational remedies in 1985 to treat the most common causes of mental and emotional stress in horses.

Mary Ann originally brought her Natural Vibrations equine stress management remedies to market with Toklat Originals in the early 1990s. RELAX & FOCUS quickly sold out as a popular horse show remedy for horse and rider, while SEPARATION & TRAVEL helped horses “let go” and feel safe when getting sold, weaned or moving to a new barn. TRAINING is still a popular addition to most compassionate and knowledgeable trainers who want to help their horses understand better, while CONFIDENCE & COURAGE assists all horses in feeling safe. (See all our blends)

Pioneering the field of equine aromatherapy, Mary Ann also conducted studies on the importance of smell in social recognition and survival for horses while doing her undergraduate research at the University of Wyoming (1976) on Wild Horse Ecology. After applying and adding more research with a 2-year study on stallions and mares, she developed BALANCE OIL- or should we say the horses developed Balance Oil.  Applied topically, both the smell and the essences have subtle effects to help balance the thoughts and emotions of horse and human. Our number #1 seller, Balance Oil has also been used successfully with a number of autistic children in helping them cope and take control of over-stimulation much as it does with horses.

We believe education is the key to help horse owners understand how to prevent mental stress in horses, which then leads to so many physical issues. Horses are emotional and energetic social beings and respond similarly to other social mammals. We have a number of educational media available on herbs, aromatherapy, behavior, magnetic fields, flower essences/vibrational remedies, body language, and horse-human communication. Please contact us for more information.

If people really understood the natural social lives of horses, at least as much as we know in the canine (dog) field, more people would apply it to their care and management of horses. This would result in far fewer physical and behavioral problems. Mary Ann’s new “edu-tainment” DVD  “Wild Horses: Understanding the Natural Lives of Horses”, produced with wildlife photographers Barbara and Marty Wheeler, gives insights into the complex and diverse personalities, family relationships, and equine cultures of wild horses. You can also learn about the importance of spatial awareness and social bonding for domestic horses in our DVD “My Space, Your Space: Understanding Horse Culture”  or  (See all of our other educational products including CDs and DVDs)