balanceAromatherapy is based on the therapeutic use of essential oils extracted from plants. These essential oils may come from the flowers, leaves, bark or fruit of a plant and are products of the plant’s metabolic processes. The term “aromatherapy” was first used by a French perfume Chemist named Rene-Maurice Gattefosse in about 1928. It referred to the affect of essential oils on the body in three distinct modes: pharmacological, physiological, and psychological.


Aromatherapy in America often refers only to the application and action of smells on the body, while in countries such as France, Aromatherapy will refer to the internal action of essential oils as well. Aromatherapy defined here will primarily relate to the essential oils’ action through smell.

The following identifies how smell affects the body:

  • Odor signals are picked up directly by the “limbic section” of the brain, immediately releasing many neuro-chemicals throughout the body, which can trigger an emotional or instinctual response.
  • With inhalation, aromatic molecules enter the lungs and are absorbed into the blood stream.
  • The blood is sent to the heart, which transports the blood through the body via the circulatory system, spreading the molecules to all parts of the body.

BALANCE (Essential Oil & Essence Blend)

Developed by Mary Ann Simonds, BALANCE was tested for over four years on horses, dogs, cats and people for reducing the sensation of stress. It was the animals that “selected” the final blend of essential oils. BALANCE is a safe and unique formulation of essential oils, flower essences and other vibrational remedies.

Guidelines for using BALANCE with Horses:

Through numerous case studies, this blend has been shown to help horses with fear, confidence, anger, separation, over-sensitivity, lack of attention, vices, etc. It is best used as a preventative therapy on a regular basis, but has shown tremendous success used for horses before competition or other stressful situations. The simplest way to use BALANCE with your horse is offering him the scent by placing the opened bottle under his muzzle, inviting him to inhale the scent.

  1. Apply first to horse during relaxing situations such as massage or grooming or eating. The horse will associate the smell of BALANCE with a relaxation response, which will allow the essences to work more quickly with the animal.
  2. BALANCE can be applied on the nose, and although the ingredients are good for the skin, check first to see if the horse is allergic. Also, very sensitive horses may not like it on their noses, so apply on halter noseband or above the nose. Use externally only.
  3. BALANCE can be used to trigger learning. Apply at the same time daily, before workout while saddling or when asking a horse to learn something new.
  4. BALANCE works best if it is used prior to a frightening or unpleasant situation. It often will prevent any problems from occurring. Although it may tone down the reaction of a horse to an unpleasant situation, it is probably too late for it to be effective if the horse is already in a state of panic.

For use with other animals:

BALANCE may be applied to the collar for dogs and cats. BALANCE is safe to apply to skin, although you should test the animal for smell sensitivity before applying. Using a small spray bottle filled with filtered water, add 10 or more drops of BALANCE to the water – shake well and spritz the air. Re-spray/re-apply as needed.

Ingredients: Safflower oil, sesame oil, sweet almond oil, wheat germ oil, apricot kernel oil, avocado oil, essential oils of lavender, rosemary, lemongrass, treemoss, cedarwood, d-alpha tocophenol (Vit E), flower, mineral & Light vibrational essences.


This Mystic Horse product comes with an unconditional money back guarantee.