What are Flower Essences and how do they work?

Energetic vibrations of the plant taken from the flower’s energy, flower essence remedies were originally developed with Dr. Edward Bach in England during the early 1900’s. Although similar to the homeopathic remedies, they differ in that they do not follow the “law of similars.” In other words, they do not become more powerful with dilution. What is important is that the flower essence contacts the body of the individual and a rhythm is established. The flower essences work with the vibrations of the body on a subtle level and thus the rhythm of taking the essences is more important than the number of drops. Often animals know which essences they need and how frequently they need them, similar to how animals select certain plants when they are sick and they have the freedom and choice to do so.


What is the shelf life of the Flower Essences?

Usually preserved in a brandy and water mixture, essences can have a long shelf life if they are not contaminated with any bacteria. Since they are simply vibrations of matter, flower essences can be active 15-20 years after they are made. Although some essences are made with glycerin or vinegar, they do not have the longevity of those stabilized with brandy.


Why can the same essences used with horses be used with other animals and humans?

All of life is connected and all animals experience emotions, thoughts, and consciousness. The energetic vibrations in Flower Essences affect the consciousness and emotions of all life.


Are Mystic Horse or Natural Vibrations vibrational essences legal to use in recognized USEF shows or FEI competitions? Will essences show up in a blood or urine test on my horse?

Mystic Horse and Natural Vibrations essences have no bio-chemical compounds that could be tested for in blood or urine. The essences are “subtle energy” and not chemical. USEF and FEI do not “approve” formulas. When asked in 1997, the AHSA (prior to the USEF) Drugs and Med Committee indicated that based on their understanding of the ingredients, they saw no “problem” with using the Natural Vibration water based formulas with horses at shows. However, they did advise that any bottle with ingredients listed that are on the “Forbidden Substances list” may be questioned. There are no ingredients listed on the vibrational remedies which are on either the USEF Forbidden Substances list or the FEI Prohibited Substances list.


Should I use the different essences at the same time?

You may use as many essences at the same time as you feel needed. Essences affect the body and mind on whatever level is appropriate for the particular being. All of our essences are made to work together as well as separately. Each animal has the ability to “self–select” the essences it needs, thus allowing complex formulas to be filtered. If you would like to see what essences are working, then limit the essences to ones you feel will mostly closely address the issue. This way you can tell if you are using the right essences and whether it has helped.


How long should I use the essences for?

Essences work with the bio-rhythms of the body so it is the frequency of application not the quantitative amount that is important. The more often you can administer the essences, the more quickly you will see a change. We suggest 2-4 weeks for animals and 4-6 weeks for people with a dosage frequency of twice per day. It is fine, and sometimes preferable, to administer more frequently- especially under stressful situations. Situations such as horse shows, competitive events, doctor and dentist appointments can often cause individuals to feel “stressed out” or out of control. During these times it can be helpful to take the chosen remedy every few minutes until you feel a change, keeping in mind the changes can be very subtle.


Is the Happy Dog essence safe to give to my cat or other animals, too?

Happy Dog is totally safe for cats. You just want to make sure that the formula is diluted into water as in  bowl. Happy Dog is similar to Happy Cat, but Happy Cat as a few cat specific essences that seem to be more effective than just the Happy Dog. In fact, all animals can take the “Happy Dog” including people as the base formula has a number of layered essences for joy and happiness.


What is aromatherapy and how does Balance Oil work?

Aromatherapy is based on the therapeutic use of essential oils extracted from plants. These essential oils may come from the flowers, leaves, bark, or fruit of a plant and are products of the plant’s metabolic processes. Aromatherapy in America often refers only to the application and action of smells on the body in contrast to countries such as France that use Aromatherapy as the internal action of essential oils as well. Smell has a great effect on the body- odor signals are picked up directly by the “limbic” section of the brain, immediately releasing many neuro-chemicals throughout the body which can trigger an emotional or instinctual response. With inhalation, aromatic molecules enter the lungs and are absorbed into the bloodstream.

Balance Oil is a blend of essential oils and essences that work together to bring the person or animal into their natural state of balance by smelling the blend. Balance Oil has a shelf life of 12 months.